Just about everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that when it comes to losing weight, some things will work fine while others simply will not. So don’t be too surprised when I don’t try to give you a whole bunch of unworkable or distasteful weight loss tips, but instead give you just a handful of basic tips that do work. By the way, this article is original to http://weightloss.bakeradio.com and is copyright protected. So don’t copy it!

So here’s the deal. When it comes to losing those excess pounds that have accumulated around your waistline or turned to cellulite in places you would rather they did not, you know that its not as simple as starting some diet and hoping it’ll work for you. Chances are it probably will not! Why? I’ll tell you why.

Most people who go on a diet will cheat!

Its true and I bet you cheated too if you think your last diet failed you. The diets don’t fail people, the people on the diets fail themselves! They do that because they cheat. They can’t help themselves. They think that no one will know if they sneak a mouthful of cream cake or a few biscuits with a cup of coffee. Or they thinks its ok to keep putting sugar in their coffee or tea, or that drinking low calorie sodas are ok.

There is an absolute fact about your weight and it is this:

You will lose weight when you consume fewer calories than you burn through exercise.

That’s it. That is what the whole weight loss industry is based upon, but which it fails to emphasize clearly enough. Why? Because if everyone knew that, then no one would bother spending their money on all the useless weight loss products that flood the market every year, full of big promises but short on delivery.

So if you want weight loss tips that really work, then here they are, in a very small nutshell:

1. Eat healthily. Ditch fast food, junk food, processed food and all soda drinks, whether they are sugar free or not.

2. Exercise regularly. Get your heart beating fast, your breath heavy and your sweat free and flowing! Keep this up for more than 30 minutes a day.

3. Combine the first two above.

That’s about it folks! That’s how to lose weight, or prevent weight gain. Eat healthy, keep your calorie intake moderate and exercise to burn off the excess calories and you will have cracked it. Simple.

Oh, if you like to spend hours sitting in front of the TV, you will put a load of extra pounds on because a sedentary lifestyle is prone to weight gain. You have to get up and do it for yourself, instead of sitting there wishing for it to happen all by itself. It won’t.

That’s right. Bottom line is you have to do this for yourself. No one else can do it for you. There are no magic pills. There is no easy way and you can’t just sit there and think yourself thin – you still need to move your lazy carcass and make it happen! That’s an extra weight loss tip that really works and I just gave it to you for no charge!

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